LiveWire Lounge Chicago
3394 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago 60641

ANTICHRIST from Vancouver, BC. First live performance since 1994!
EVIL formed in 1994 from Sao Paulo, Brazil in their first and exclusive US show.
BESTIAL RAIDS (Poland) in their second CoBG fest appearance, again their exclusive US performance.
NIGRUMMAGIA Arizona Occultic Death metal.
MANTICORE Satanic death metal from Ohio.
INFERNAL SACRAMENT Bestial Black Metal from Illinois/North Carolina
OMINOUS RESURRECTION Occult black metal from New Jersey.
LORD OF DEPRESSION USBM since 1994. Final live show.
PLAGUE PHALANX hooded occult Black metal from California.
CAVEMAN CULT - Prehistoric War Metal from the filthy swamps of Florida.
MASSHU USBM 20th anniversary of the ancient hoard.
APOCRYPHAL REVELATION- Black Metal from Kentucky

Tickets SOLD OUT!

HAMMER OF DAMNATION - 1995 / 2016 - Sao Paulo, BRAZIL