NAER MATARON "Rivers at Dash Scalding" CD
Reissue of 2003 album, the musical roots of 90īs Hellenic Black Metal. Around one hour of pure brutality, violence in the purest Greek Black Metal tradition...
Comes with a 16 page booklet and coversion of VED BUENS ENDE.

NAER MATARON "Discipline Manifesto" CD
Originally recorded in 2005, mixed in Norway and produced by Vicotnik (DODHEIMSGARD), which appeared as guest vocalist on "Blessing Of Sin" song. This album have more special guests such as: Apollyon (AURA NOIR, IMMORTAL...) in guitar solo of "Land of Dreams" and sound engineered by Baron Blood of NECROMANTIA. "Discipline Manifesto" is absolutely the best album from the bandīs history.

NAER MATARON "Discipline Manifesto" Official t-shirt
Special edition ONLY for pre orders! Dark grey tshirt with printing on black (front) and white (back)

Release Date: December, 22
Pre order: 2x CDs "Rivers at Dash Scalding" + "Discipline Manifesto" + T-shirt (lim to 50) from December 03 - 20
Shipping starts: December, 26
Price: 33EUR (shipping worldwide enclosed)
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