Decrepit Utterances of Unseen Horrors


Format: Pro cassette



An exclusively analogue launch between the Swiss Dakhma and the Brazilians of Hammergoat!

Dakhma here launches its chaotic magic with a 14-minute journey into the (des) construction of the pillars of the universe. The band is part of the Helvetic Underground Committee with other entities: Ungfell, Urgeist, Lykhaeon ...

A few years after the 3 way split "The Hammer Of Antichristian Detonation", alongside Detonation666 and Tundra, Hammergoat returns with its bestiality once started in "Regeneration Through Depopulation" and which enshrined the Hammergoat as the bastard sons of Beherit, Sarcophagus , Bestial Warlust ...

Manufactured in Canada and limited to 100 copies! NO repress! NO digital!
Shipping starts in the end of March

HAMMER OF DAMNATION - 1995 / 2016 - Sao Paulo, BRAZIL